Sensor talks to gateway at certain predefined intervals and Gateway pushes the data into Hardware provider cloud.

In TMS system, Various temperature sensors will be fitted to multiple pallets in a truck along with a gateway. Each sensor talks to gateway at certain predefined intervals and Gateway pushes the data into Hardware provider cloud. Data from provider would be pushed to application cloud as Sensors & Gateways are preconfigured to talk

TMS systems Tracks & Monitors temperature of all pallets in the truck. Provide alerts & notifications to the back office to take correction actions if the temperature is not maintained appropriately for the perishable food products.

Web based Application helps users to configure data, create routes, allocate travel plans that has to execute based on schedule
  • Configuration for Alerts & Notifications
  • Roles & Responsibilities
  • Monitor and track trips
  • GPS
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring
  • IOT Based sensors for Temperature Monitoring

Brief explanation for components:-

  1. Truck :- Any vehicle where the hardware components are installed and monitored.
  2. On Load IoT Sensors :- These are individual sensors which will perform the matric evaluation and send the data.
  3. Dashcam and GPS :- This module is responsible for all video and GPS coordinate data sharing with the platform.
  4. Data Connectivity module:- Every vehicle will have at least one dedicated data connectivity module which will enable all sensors, dashcam and GPS to send the data to the cloud application.
  5. Backend App:- This is collection of API’s (internal and external) which will send or receive and perform all required data related operations for both external hardware and internal systems along with access to UI.
  6. SMS:- This is an independent system which will send SMS to external or internal users about the various aspects of reminder and alerts based on the configuration and user demands.
  7. User Interface:- This module is the front face which can be accessed thru web and mobile.

Dynamic behavior of architecture

The system is designed to be very dynamic and has adaptability for all kind of workflows. Aplication is very intelligent to adapt to custom user workflow’s and can perform desired operations without any user intervention
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